All the way from Dubai to Al-Ain

09 Sep

Al Ain, also known as the "Garden City", from Dubai to heritage enthusiasts, museums, historical sites through the Royal Castle and the beautifully restored Bronze Age can be a day trip. Al Jahili Fortress is home to the oldest museum in the United Arab Emirates, Al Ain museum obscured the museum, collections display ancient history of ancient Arab Emirates, and Al Ain Palace Museum collection was hidden in the first president of the old UAE's Die home has a large art gallery showing the traditional UAE lifestyle. For families, if they bring the Al Ain Zoo to the fore, there is another travel safari experience, where you can find species in Africa and Arab wilderness in a safe environment, it seems to be a natural habitat. Visitors without Al Ain must miss out on the Jebel Hafeet peak, the second highest in the Emirates.

Jebel Hafeet

The chopped Hafeetberg landed in Al Ain's interior. If you are looking for pictures of the city and surrounding deserts in a panoramic location, a short trip to the mountain top must be the highest point of your travel list. At 1240 meters it is the second highest in the United Arab Emirates and the most incredible summit in Abu Dhabi. If you drive here, through a winding mountain road, from the top of the hill there is a lot of picturesque landscape, then you can spread the whole area among you.

In the National Museum

The Al Ain National Museum in Sultanah Zayed Fort has perfected the legacy, culture and history of the United Arab Emirates.

Al Ain National Palace Museum

Al Ain Palace Museum is the former residence of Sheik Zayed bin Sultan and his family, who continue the end of the main leaders of the Abu Dhabi Emirates. The inside was carefully constructed to reflect what the Royal Residence looks like Sheik called it at home. Unfortunately, the data for the whole room is unimportant for those who do not speak Arabic. Nonetheless, internal improvements really give you a deeper thought about how people live in densely populated times.

Al Ain Zoo

The Al Ain Zoo opened in 1969 and is one of the largest regions in the United Arab Emirates. You can see unique warm-blooded animals such as the Arab Pronghorn and Antelope, as well as African gazelles, giraffes and goats. Large cats surround the area, including lions, tigers, black panthers, dark and spotted black panthers, and cougars. There are also monkey connections, adult and reptile homes. If you want a better way to enjoy the zoo, visit this part of the zoo enable us to do so by booking in advance a car rental from Dubai by rent a car Dubai to Al- Ain way You can save your time by licking your head in a strange city. There are more family-friendly features, including zoos, giraffe foods, camelry and chicken parts to help get to know biodiversity.

Al-Jahili Fort

Surrounded by a number of shaded gardens, this charming royal fortress dates back to 1891 and once was an important guard element protecting villages. Today it is one of Al Ain's main attractions, and within its solid brick quality, you get a ticket for a photo program to improve the lives and work of British travelers and desert seekers.

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